The Letters of the Devil II - The Legacy of L

Ben Wright-Heuman
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It's been several years since the L Letters Case shook everyone to their very core. In a single day, some of the city's most powerful and corrupt figures found themselves laid low, losing their freedom, their futures, and, in some cases, their lives. The mysterious mastermind known only as L still inspires fear in many, while others hold him up as a symbol of rebellion.

Malina Quinn, a college senior studying Criminology, is writing her thesis on the L Letters Case. Her research takes a dark turn, however, when a friend commits suicide after receiving an e-mail that appears to come from L. At the request of the victim's distraught partner, Malina agrees to use her knowledge of the original case to investigate.

As Malina goes deeper and deeper, she discovers that she is not the only one interested in the whereabouts of L, and that the world she has come to accept is not at all what it seems. For when you hear the call from the shadows, you're lost once you answer it.

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