The Letters of the Devil - A Mystery Graphic Novel

Ben Wright-Heuman
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Detective Cedric Dustin is a cop with a future: clever, cocky, and opportunistic. So when he receives an anonymous letter accusing a major financial figure of fraud, he jumps at the opportunity to advance his position. As he investigates, however, he discovers that he’s not the only recipient of a letter from the mysterious “L”, and he becomes entangled in the chaos that arises when dark truths are brought to light.

"Wright-Heuman sets up a delicate structure in his plotline that leaves plenty of room for characterization. He keeps the reader guessing as to whom the true protagonist might be til the very end as the story gets murkier and murkier [...] If there’s an author that he has something in common with in terms of story structure, it winds up being Agatha Christie, only he goes several steps darker than even she does."

-Rob Clough, High-Low Comics

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166 pages
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